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I wanted to thank you for walking with us in this journey of putting Jesus’ heart, nearness and powerful invitations into practice all week long. Honestly writing these every week is a real labor of love, but knowing that there are thousands of us leaning into Jesus together has been one of the great joys of my life!

This whole 10000 MINUTES idea hit me about 7 years ago and has become the main focus of everything that I do. All to say, Jesus keeps opening doors for us to invite, inspire and equip more and more people to put Him into practice all week long.

  • We’ve been asked to do a weekly SiriusXM show on the Message called 10000 MINUTES, that will be an interview based show inviting people to practice Jesus all week long.

  • I’m writing a 10000 MINUTES book that will be a weekly journal/devotional that will dive a little deeper with daily questions and prompts. I’m working on new music and hopefully you’ll be hearing more about this soon too!

  • This idea of texting you a few times a week has been amazing! The responses and stories that we get every week via text replies, have shown us the power of this tool and these practices (TEXT: 10k TO: 55678). We’re up to 13,000+ people so far and growing.

  • And there are a few more surprises coming in the fall.

Speaking of the fall, I’ll be on tour with MercyMe and TenthAvenueNorth again and doing a ton of my own shows. So check here to see if we’re anywhere near you!

Second to lastly, I am taking a month break from these posts to focus on my family and writing this new book! I know, I know...don’t cry.

What practice was powerful for you this past year? Read Jesus’ words and put them into practice this summer!

Ok, lastly, would you partner with us? The blog, radio show, texting, etc don’t make any money, they cost money! We have huge dreams and plans for this next year that require funds to make them happen. If this has been encouraging for you, would you help us keep it going and really pay it forward for other people to put Jesus into practice all week long?

Your one time or preferably monthly tax-deductible partnership would be amazing! Help us help you and others…:)   GO HERE

Love you people! See you in a month...Jesus lead on...


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