I Have A Hard Time Hearing God…

Last week’s 10000 MINUTES practice was really powerful for me. All day long I found myself reaching for my phone, the YouTubes to learn something, or music in my car, all with the underlying subconscious intention of checking out. These aren’t necessarily inherently bad things, but how I often use them can be dangerous for my soul. I literally had to fight myself to intentionally practice hearing Jesus in the silence (if you missed it check it out HERE).

One classic moment this past week was when I was driving, which if you’ve been reading these for awhile, you know that this is a pretty normal place of tension and learning for me:) I got in my car, the music came on, and I intentionally decided to not practice silence with Jesus. It really was in defiance to what I knew my heart actually needed. Now, remember, these practices do not earn us more love, grace, or attention from God, but they are used to align us with the will and heart of God. Back to the story… A lady pulled right out in front of me and with her gestures, blamed me for her awesome driving skills. My heart’s initial response was frustration that I had been misunderstood, etc.

Because we’ve been putting Jesus’ words into practice as a 10000Minutes.com community, I’ve been getting quicker at re-aligning with the heart of God! I turned off my music and told Jesus what I was thinking and feeling. I asked Him what He thought about it. In my gut I sensed Him saying

“I love you and I love her. My grace for you exists to be enjoyed and then shared. So enjoy it! And Share it! You don’t need to protect your kingdom/pride. Pray for her…”

Wammo...I was re-aligned!

Silence alone is great, but in your moments of silence, be active in bringing Jesus into your thoughts. Don’t filter them. Just seek Him through them!

We are going to practice this for one more week (because I need it:)


Create moments of intentional silence and walk Jesus through every thought that comes through! He’s got things to say!

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