I Wouldn’t Trade My Cancer Experience

I wouldn't trade my cancer journey for anything in the world. It’s been 15 years now that I have been able to wake up with a new perspective. I WOKE UP AGAIN TODAY (X)!

Now, am I happy about my incurable cancer diagnosis? Does this mean that I am a fan of cancer? Am I thankful for the tumors that they say are currently on my liver wearing out my heart? I’ll answer with an emphatic NO!

Cancer Is Stupid! I am not a fan. In fact I hate cancer and anything that brings calamity and sorrow into our lives. So what does Contentment look like in the middle of it all?

Well so far, in our pursuit of unshakeable Contentment, we’ve been practicing humility (having a right view of ourselves, being mindful of who we are and whose we are), and last week we practiced clinging tightly to Jesus in the midst of our worry.

This week, our 10000minute practice is thankfulness. Thankfulness is one of the most common practices found in scripture, yet as I travel around, it’s easy to see how misunderstood it is at it’s core. Are we thankful for our circumstances? Well, yes and no. I hate cancer, yet I am so thankful for Jesus’ work in and through me in the midst of it. There is no possible way that I would know Jesus (which equals joy, contentment, peace, hope, endurance, patience, kindness towards others who are going through trouble, surrender, gratitude for each day I wake up…) if not for this suffering. There’s no way that I would have a sober perspective, if not for this sorrow.

My thankfulness is not towards cancer itself, but towards God who in and through it all is at work and making me more beautiful. My dad has always said, “The best way around, is through.”

Think about it:

-God didn’t take the Israelites around the Red Sea; He took them through.

-God didn’t put out the fiery furnace for Shadrach, Meshach and Abednigo; He met them in it and pulled them through it.

-God didn’t just kill Goliath; He walked David through the battle.

-God the Father didn’t take away the pain and anguish of the cross for Jesus; He walked with Him through it.

-Stephen, John, Peter, Paul…the list is endless.

This week, in the heavy things that seem almost unbearable, practice thankfulness for God’s presence and work in the midst of it. Practice as if God is God and you are not!

This week in the small disappointments of your day, practice thankfulness. Practicing in the little things will train us for contentment in the big things. Find things to be grateful for within your circumstances or even outside of them, and then, thank God. Keep a running list all week and then share them with Jesus and others around you!

Practice Thankfulness this week!