I'm Super Awesome, Do You Know That?

Last week we practiced trust instead of envy - living in the abundance of Jesus as the provider of our needs, rather than living in a scarcity/lacking mindset. Really a powerful realization for me to be aware of in my daily life!

“Let us not become conceited, provoking and envying one another.” (Galatians 5:26)

Last week it was more about not falling into the comparison trap of what you WANT and think you need or deserve. This week we are talking about the other side of Envy. Some push drugs, and some push their agendas on others, but I’ve been guilty of pushing envy on others.

In my town, Nashville, there is a whole lot of this going on. Every 3rd person you meet is trying to get into the music biz. It’s a sizing up game, with the score ultimately adding up to your greatest successes and positions on the charts. There is a puffing up of our own ego/kingdom/queendom that happens so quickly that it’s almost second nature.

In my world, it’s letting others know how awesome you are. Yet, it’s often very subtle and guised in a false humility. I know this because I have had to struggle through this weekly in my own life. There are healthy and unhealthy reasons that I want to tell people about something that I’ve done or accomplished. The unhealthy one is a form of boasting. It’s a form of lifting me up and putting you down. That sounds so harsh, but it’s kind of true.

Once again, the core of this need to push envy on others, comes from my wrong belief about my worth. When Jesus and I hang out, I have no need to brag about anything or prove how awesome I am. My posture is more about gratitude. When I am soberly living in Jesus’ Kingdom reality, I have nothing to gain from anyone else regarding my worth. Their opinion of me is not where my value lays. We know this, but it’s a whole different thing to live with an audience of One. We’re not earning anything from Jesus but resting in who we are and how He sees us.

We all have different degrees of this form of envy pushing, whether we realize it or not. I have to believe that my world of music is not alone in this: talking about our kids, trying to get ahead at work, sports, financial status, etc. Where do you see this in your world? Where do you find that you push envy on others? Do you dress better or worse than others, and deep down want them to notice? Do you subtly brag about things, ultimately hoping others will see you as more awesome because of it?

This weeks 10000minutes Practice:

Be mindful of when you’re tempted to push envy this week. Keep track of these times and confess them to Jesus and to a friend. It’s really freeing!

Replace that desire to push envy on others by asking others more questions about themselves!



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