Jesus Gave Another Kind of Bird

I loved last year's post so much that I wanted to practice it again with you!

Every year I forget how crazy and angry people get in the Christmas parking lots. I’ve been told that I’m “#1” a few times already. At first I was offended and felt misunderstood, but then I decided to start practicing compassion. Jesus brought the Bird of Peace on Christmas. He brought tidings of Comfort and Joy. He brought SHALOM (an overall well being no matter the circumstances).

I am committing to pray for “the bird” givers this Christmas parking lot season! Praying for their well being. Praying that they’d somehow see how much their soul is worth! I am retaliating with blessings this season (Romans 12)! Try it with me…

Bonus: If you’re in a parking lot and there is a discrepancy about who’s parking space it is...give it away! Jesus, give us eyes to see people around us like you do… JESUS LEAD ON.

Jesus brought the Bird of Peace to a crazy, hectic, annoyed, self protecting, self absorbed, hurt, bitter, fearful, and unsatisfied world…

Practice Peace: Pray for others that offend you this season.

PeaceTim Timmons2 Comments