Look, Listen and ReAlign

Have you ever said, “God feels so silent and distant,” or “I can’t figure out what God wants me to do,” or “God’s not speaking to me right now?” I have, and I hear these statements from so many of us every week. If I’m honest, I would say that every time I sense a distance between me and God, or I question His nearness, it’s not His issue but mine. I am the one who’s been looking in the wrong places, pushing Him away, or I’m too into my own story to see that I am a part of His great story.

I really believe that God is always speaking to us, to you, to me. The question is whether or not we are in a posture to listen, and if we are looking in the right places. I am thinking about doing a series called “God has left the building,” because we have all created little houses, boxes and structures to put our idea and understanding of GOD in. Cliche, but true and indeed dangerous. Have you thought about this lately? How big is your box or construct for God?

God has left the building that, through your life experience and upbringing, you’ve created for Him to reside in. This was exactly what Jesus railed against and invited people out of. Our religious systems and houses for God don’t work and shouldn’t work.

Tim (insert your name here), GOD IS GOD, and YOU’RE NOT. He is UNTAMEABLE and GOOD. He is outside of your walls inviting you out and beyond anything you could imagine.

If and when we have eyes to see and ears to hear, He is speaking to us through jack asses (Numbers 22- Balaam’s story), car wrecks, cancer scares, and sunsets. He is speaking to us in the middle of our rage and our withdrawal. He is speaking through our emotions (fear, anger, jealousy, lust, hurt, sadness, shame, loneliness, etc) to ultimately realign us to His way, to His heart.


Look, Listen & ReAlign

  • Ask Jesus to open your eyes and ears to what He is saying today! Recite this as you’re walking through your days this week. Look, Listen & ReAlign.

  • Write this on a card for your car, write an “X” on your wrist...set a timer on your phone… something to remind you to practice awareness!

  • We’re so grateful for you people!

Text “10k” to “55678” if you want weekly text reminders to your phone. We’ll be sending out a few encouragements a week to help you practice Jesus all week long!