Never Put A Question Mark Where God Puts A Period

A few weeks ago, I met a gentleman by the name of Sterling, and his energy and pizazz left an impression on me. I don’t think I’ve ever met a more positive and energetic Jesus follower in my life. First off, you're gonna want to check out Sterling on the YouTubes. He was on Hells Kitchen. It’s definitely worth seeing! 

Now Sterling has quite a story that you should hear sometime which includes being in jail, a junky, homeless, stabbed and left for dead… All to say, Sterling isn’t following Jesus in a sappy-sweet, trouble-free vacuum. He knows pain, suffering, addiction, etc, AND he knows joy beyond measure. Of course Sterling has issues and struggles just like all of us, but the beauty of Sterling is that he has been putting Jesus principles into practice for years now...and it shows.

I met Sterling at a baptism celebration where a boy that he has been investing in, got baptized. Long story short, Sterling saw a 12 year old boy and his mom walk into the restaurant where he worked. He had a sense that he was supposed to go encourage this boy. Mind you, this is a random boy and his mom! Fast forward, this boy is now 15 and a Jesus follower. I talked to this kid and his mom after Sterling had left. I mentioned what a powerful man Sterling is. These two could not stop talking about how Sterling had impacted them both. 

Sterling said one line to me that has stuck, and I’ve not stopped thinking about it. In our conversation, he said a few times, “Never put a question mark where God puts a period.” Now I understand that this statement is full of suppositions. One of the biggest ones is that you can actually hear and discern the “period” of God…but still, it’s left me thinking.

Never put a question mark where God puts a period. There are many times that I have felt a nudge in my heart to go do something, say something, love someone, give something, etc. Sometimes I have responded with a question, and other times, I’ve acted upon it. I want to be the guy that responds with a yes, no matter how it will make me look in public or in others eyes.

This weeks 10000minutes practice is to be listening to the nudges/whispers of God and ACT ON THEM.

Remember, we aren’t earning salvation points by these practices, we are becoming more like Jesus and Re-presenting Him everywhere we go.