Hey friend. 10000 MINUTES weekly is back! Thank you for letting us have a little break this summer, and we hope you’re ready for what Jesus has for you in this next season!

There was definitely a central theme that I saw and heard from countless conversations this summer. There were so many conversations where I ended up inviting people to stop working so hard FOR God and just walk WITH Him. What is He up to? What might He be inviting you into in this circumstance? Who has He put right in front of you to love?

I heard stories of heart broken parents trying desperately to sway their wayward kids back to Jesus; exhausted artists, pastors, empty nesters trying to work for God and tell Him what they want Him to bless; students wondering what the will of God is for their lives; countless stories of people who are ultimately trying so hard to “be good” and really work FOR His love and grace, when Jesus’ real invitation would be for us to walk WITH His love and in the shadow of His limitless grace.

I love all of the references that Jesus gives us for walking WITH Him and not the exhausting job of working FOR Him. Working WITH equals relationship through partnership, while working FOR equals success or failure through achievement.

Jesus: My yoke is easy and burden is light (Matthew 11:28-30); stay connected/attached to me and you’ll find rest and your joy will be complete/full (John 15); I am the Way, Truth and Life, (which starts today...John 14:6); The Kingdom of God (or Gospel, Good News of walking with Jesus all day long) is like a splash of yeast in 60 lbs of dough. It never stops working for good…(Matthew 13:33); Etc.

Any others you can think of?

We could go on and on, because Jesus went on and on with this invitation. The difference between working WITH or FOR God is really profound. Where do you see that you get trapped working FOR Him instead of WITH Him? Are you earning His love, acceptance, approval? Or is your soul tired from doing “His Ministry” for Him? How else does this apply to us?

This week's Practice is:

NOT FOR HIM, but WITH HIM. Where is Jesus at work in every area of our lives this week? Let’s join Him. I am not going to write the usual “X” on my wrist, but I’m going to write WITH as my reminder. What would be your helpful reminder to walk WITH Jesus all day long?

Text “10k” to “55678” if you want weekly text reminders to your phone. We’ll be sending out a few encouragements a week to help you practice Jesus all week long!