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We’re finishing up our 10000 MINUTES Blogs for the year people...Please don’t cry:) From practicing contentment at the Grammys, to practicing Rest and Re-Alignment WITH the heart of Jesus, to singing “I Belong” at the table WITH Jesus all week long, this past year has been full of powerful Jesus Invitations. You get to choose who speaks into your life, so thank YOU friends for walking this journey WITH me/us!

I’m going to cut straight to it, we’re looking for additional financial support. Our needs are growing leaps and bounds because our impact is growing leaps and bounds. If you want to give an end of year gift we are more than prepared to hug you...virtually of course.

Whatever we raise dictates what we can do this next year, so ask Jesus how we could partner together! We are aiming for $125,000...what’s your role?

GIVE: $1 - $14 per month = A Virtual Hug

GIVE: $15 per month = Dumbest Christmas Mug EVER!

GIVE: $30 per month or MORE = Both Dumb Mugs + Mighty Christmas CD

GIVE: SUPER Extraordinary One-Time Gifts = My 11th child named after you (+ Mugs, CD & Hug)

  • This past year we grew our bi-weekly texting encouragements from 0 to over 22,000 people. The stories and replies I get every week from just these texts alone, make it all worth it. However, to continue these encouragements it takes the support of generous partners. $3000 per month currently

  • The Blog is now being seen by 20-30 thousand people a week. The blog is the life-blood of 10000 MINUTES, and the stories I hear back are absolutely astonishing.  I’m so grateful for this blog community! The blog needs additional marketing, advertisements, dedicated time and with a growing community it deserves additional financial support. $2000 per month

  • This past year I introduced my music and the 10000 MINUTES concept to over 300k people in a live setting, and we put out a radio single this fall called I BELONG. It is still climbing the charts!  But because the music industry and rules have changed so much, the music production, advertising and touring are now all made possible by you!  So with the support of this community we can continue to impact lives through recorded music, radio promotion, related travel and advertising, as we share 10000 MINUTES with audiences around the world. $40,000 per year

  • We’ve begun recording a podcast and the potential SIRIUS XM radio show is still in process, but funds are a huge need to make these a reality. The production, editing and marketing of each is crucial to their individual success! $2000 per month

If this ministry has been encouraging to your soul, would you please partner with us in this next season at the link here? There have been a few of us who have been financially carrying all of this, and it’s getting too much for our little crew to hold, so would you jump in WITH us and together we can help each other awaken to Jesus in our everyday lives!

So grateful for all of you. Thanks for all of your comments, encouragements, and stories as we wake up WITH the heart of Jesus all week long!!!

Timmons & Team

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