Pray For Someone

Has this series helped you hear the heart of God clearer? It’s so funny, not haha funny, but interesting funny, how I profess Jesus as my all in all, yet I so rarely hang and consult Him on things. When I’ve been putting these past few practices into action, my heart can feel a difference. It’s slowed down my internal chatter and allowed another Voice to be heard.

This week's Practice is going to be pretty simple and yet profound! I’ve told you about my friend Bev before. I’ll never forget when she came up to me one weekend and told me that Jesus had told her to pray for me (this was 10 years ago). Everyone else was compelled to pray for my cancer diagnosis, and I’m so grateful for those prayers, yet Bev heard something else to pray for. She was invited to specifically pray for my music that would someday encourage the world and point people to Jesus.

It was a pretty gutsy thing for Bev to do. I was a worship leader who wrote songs for the church, but there was no real reason for her to pray for this. She heard the invitation to pray on my behalf, and she acted on it.

This year, while sitting at the Grammy’s for a song that had encouraged millions and pointed people to Jesus (EVEN IF), I couldn’t help but think of Bev.

Everyday, if we are tuned, the Spirit of God is prompting us to intercede for others. We get to be the go-between, intercessor, one who pleads another’s case in the spiritual realm. Remember, we are Re-Presenters of Jesus here on the earth. He is in us, and we are in Him. So when His Spirit prompts us to pray for someone, there is something that our prayers release. It can be as small as praying for someone’s safety today, or as big as praying for their healing, etc.

10000MINUTES Practice:

Who is God inviting you to pray for today? Be mindful & Pray for others today. Pray right there in that moment and let them know!

Aaaaand...because we’ve been practicing the concepts of listening to God all day long through silence, rest, fasting, bringing Him into each thought, use these practices on others' behalf! Try it, and let us know what you learn.

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