Surgery Lessons...WITH-ness

This practice of simply being WITH Jesus all day long instead of working FOR Him, has revitalized my joy, peace and perspective. I’d love to know what you’re learning or seeing as you put this concept into practice! And if you’re just joining us, jump in, the waters warm:)

Aaron, one of my Twimmons (7yr old Timmons-Twins), had a minor surgery today and needless to say, we were all mildly anxious about it, including that cute little guy. So last night, one of our closest family friends dropped by with some special “Surgery presents,” prayed with us, and then went home. What a gift that was to an anxious family’s heart. Now, I’ve told you about the Hammitt family in the past. Their 8 yr old boy Bowen has had multiple, major heart surgeries, so they are no strangers to this form of anxiety.

When they came over, they brought hope in the form of WITH-ness. The Hammitts know and understand the power of this gift because they’ve been anxious before. What or who is Jesus putting in your journey that needs this kind of WITH-ness?

It’s so interesting how Jesus, in John 15, talks about being attached to the Vine (Himself). After His beautiful invitation to be WITH Him, He shares the fruit of this WITH-ness:

So, love one another!

The fruit of our WITH-ness with Jesus, instead of us working FOR Him, is joy and love. And the overflow of us being loved by and WITH Jesus, is us loving one another with the same measure that we’ve been loved. Without conditions. Selflessly. Sacrificially. Intentionally.

So again, who is Jesus putting in front of you this week that He just wants you to Love well?

10000 MINUTES Practice:

Because we are so loved by Jesus and He practices WITH-ness with us in all circumstances:

Who is Jesus inviting you to BE WITH?

Text “10k” to “55678” if you want weekly text reminders to your phone. We’ll be sending out a few encouragements a week to help you practice Jesus all week long!

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