We Trust God In You...?

“We Trust God In You (each other)...” is the first line of our church communities vision statement. What a seemingly dangerous opening line, but I love it so much. The pushback is, how can we trust people who are not doing what God has invited them to be and to do. Can anyone just do whatever they think is right and call it God speaking to them? I don’t even trust myself.

Yes, this is messy, and have you ever read the book of Acts? :)  The point here is not that we trust each other to do the right thing, because I barely trust myself to always do the right thing, but it’s that WE TRUST GOD IN EACH OTHER. There is a huge difference. We trust that God is at work in and through both our journey and others.

When we have a more full view of who God actually is, we can trust Him in our lives and trust Him in others. Instead of getting through our day and condemning ourselves for all of the areas that we failed in, we can ask the question, “Jesus what are you up to in me? What are you inviting me into or out of? Thank you for loving me no matter what.”

As far as trusting God in others, I love how my friend and pastor Jamie George talked about Journey Church’s ethos this weekend. He said something like, “Annoying people are there to reveal something about you and your heart.” How true is that! This is a shift in perspective.

This week, we will be found living as though Jesus and His Spirit will be at work in and through our failures, successes, insecurities and frustrations with each other and ourselves.


So this week’s practice is to do just that:

All day long, TRUST GOD is at work in you and others.

Look for it all day long and align with (pray according to) what He is doing.

Text “10k” to “55678” if you want weekly text reminders to your phone. We’ll be sending out a few encouragements a week to help you practice Jesus all week long!

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