Who Are You Clinging To

As I write this, my arm is being clenched so tightly that the blood has officially left my hand. Hilary and I are on a plane right now experiencing some major turbulence. I’ve been on a lot of planes, so when I say, “This plane is a-rockin,” I mean, this plane is ROCKING and close to rolling. Hilary’s technique of working through the stress on a plane has become a bit of a joke in our marriage (not in this moment of course), but the analogy holds for all of us in our anxiety, worry, and discontentment.

Last week we practiced walking with HUMILITY: having a right view of ourselves, being mindful of who we are and whose we are. In this moment, Hilary is majorly discontent. She so wants to be somewhere else and so does my arm.

Worry pulls us out of contentment. And worry comes from an incomplete view of ourselves, not being mindful of who and whose we are. The reality is that in this moment, while this plane may indeed go down, we are loved and ok, no matter what the outcome is. In this moment, we can either practice worrying, or we can practice trust. I keep hearing Jesus’ words in my head,

    “Who of you, by worrying can add a single hour to your life?” Luke 12:25

This plane analogy helps me see how all worry/anxiety makes us react. We all cling hard to something. What and who that something is, is pretty darn important. In this past season, who or what have you been clinging tightly to?

This is big stuff! Our contentment is tied up in who our provider, sustainer, healer, source of hope, peace, joy and love is.

Being aware of what and who we are clinging is vital on this journey towards living a content life.

This week our 10000minute practice is putting all of our cares through the lens of Jesus. Take each thought/worry/anxiety captive, and put them on trial before the good Judge who wants nothing but soul contentment for you!

Practice: CLING tightly to Jesus this week.