Who I Am Family Blog Series - Week 2

Week 2 / Song 2: Reflections

Does the moon have any light of its own? No! So then why is the moon so bright? The only way that we see the moon is because the sun is shining and reflecting its light on it. In a way, this is how God made you and me. We don’t have any light of our own, but the more that we face our lives and hearts towards Jesus, the brighter we become.

Last week we practiced just simply being loved by God NO MATTER WHAT we do, say, or think. This week we are going to practice reflecting/showing that love to others around us. Have you ever really tried hard to be nice to someone (family member, kid at school, co-worker, neighbor) and after awhile it just got too hard? I have. The reason that it’s so hard to keep being nice is that I am doing it all with my own power. Jesus invites us to love others with His love. When we really practice and realize how much Jesus loves us NO MATTER WHAT, then we get to show that love to others around us.

Think about how much Jesus loves your family members, other kids at school, your co-workers, and neighbors. You get to be His hands and feet and heart for them here on earth! Just like the sun shows through the moon, so does Jesus’ love show through our hearts and actions to one another!

This weeks 10000 MINUTES practice:

Who does Jesus want you to love well this week?

Reflect Jesus to others this week!


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