Who I Am Family Blog Series - Week 4

Week 4 / Song 4:

When you hear someone say, “I surrender,” what do you think of? I think of lifting my hands up in the air like I’m in an old time “stick em’ up” movie.

The word surrender means to give up control to someone or something else. So in a movie, when someone puts up their hands in surrender, they are saying that they’re giving up control of the situation. Now in that example, they are probably scared and feel defeated, but this is not how it is when we surrender to what God is doing.

When we’re worried or scared about something, we are invited to surrender it, or give it up to God. When we let God be God and we don’t try to take over what He’s doing, we can rest that He is at work in every situation, for our good! That’s THE GOOD NEWS! So, when we give Jesus our worries, we can walk much lighter.

Kids, adults and adults who act like kids, we can either practice worry or we can practice trust. Think about your last week. When did you worry and what did you worry about? We worry because we don’t really trust that Jesus has it all under control. Yet Jesus invites us to trust Him in all things!

This weeks 10000 MINUTES practice:

Practice surrendering your worries to Jesus all day long.

Wear something or make something as a daily reminder and talk about it with each other at the end of every day! Practice Trust!