Who I Am Family Blog Series - Week 6

My dad really blew my mind when he told me that Christ was not Jesus’ last name. Christ is a title, not a personal name. In fact, Jesus actually said that there would be many christs that would come behind Him with the intent to deceive. No one is saved or healed in the name of Christ, but only by the most powerful of names, Yeshua...JESUS. I am in no way dismissing the powerful title that Jesus holds as THE Christ or THE Messiah, but just wanting to help us point our attention and our kids' hearts to the intimate and personal Jesus!

How often do you say the name Jesus? Well, for most of my life I addressed Jesus as Lord, Christ, God, or Jesus Christ which are all great titles, but felt uncomfortable using the personal name of Jesus until I saw Him in action.

There was a season when I spent some good time down at a Young Life Camp in Costa Rica. The mission was intriguing, but John, the missionary who ran the camp, continually blew my mind. He had moved down there not knowing anyone or even the language that would help him meet people. The camp was stunningly nestled in a remote farming town right on the ocean, and I mean right on the ocean!

I had rarely heard anyone talk to Jesus like they knew Him or walk with Him like John did. Jesus was all John really had except for a few rogue dogs and a sweet Costa Rican family that helped maintain the land. All day long Jesus was in our conversations. At first, I was taken off guard at the amount of times John would say the name Jesus, but I think that’s what kept me coming back. Jesus was surely not a stuffy religious figure stuck in a Bible verse, He was alive and well, and at work with us. For a short stint of time, Jesus was enough.

Why was it so strange and almost uncomfortable for me to hear and use Jesus’ name used all day long? Is it hard for you? Why?

In the name of Jesus:

-Demons are powerless and cast out (Luke 10:17; Mark 16:17-18).

-There is Healing (Acts 3:6, 3:16, 4:10)

-Salvation (which means: a way through) (Acts 4:12, Rom. 10:13)

-We are baptized and enter His Kingdom (Matt. 28:19)

-We are made beautiful and right before the Father (1 Cor. 6:11)

-We pray and GOD acts upon our prayers!  (John 14:13-14; 16:23-24)

10000 MINUTES Practice:

There is something so intimate about the name of Jesus.

Use Jesus’ name as much as possible.

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