Who I Am Family Blog Series - Week 8

Song 8 / Week 8:  King Of Forever

Definition of a King: one whose position is hereditary and who rules as long as they live. How cool is that?! A good King is one who rules, makes wise decisions for the whole of the Kingdom, protects, supports and holds the Kingdom together as long as He lives.

I know that most of us don’t live in places where there are legitimate Kings and Queens, so this whole Kingdom of God idea needs some imagination. Did you know, according to the Bible, there are other realms, dimensions, and kingdoms at work all the time? There are battles being fought all around us that we can’t even see.

Everyday there are battles going on in our minds and hearts between good and evil. So the question is, whose voice are we going to listen to? Or in other words, who are we going to let play the role of King in every situation? Whether it’s worry, doubt, fear, lust, or contentment, would you want King Jesus’s voice or King Satan’s disguised voice leading you towards an action? We all know the right answer, but I/we still choose to listen to the wrong king's voice.

When someone frustrates me or hurts me in some way, there is a choice in that moment. Either I seek first my kingdom and protect what’s mine, or I listen to and act on King Jesus’s words and invitations. When something comes up and all I feel like doing is worrying, I have a decision to make. Whose voice am I going to listen to? One voice tells me that I need to take over and worry my way through this and the other says that the King of Heaven is at work in, through and around this circumstance. Like we always talk about, we either practice worry or practice trust.

King Jesus is holding all things together, from creation to the minute details that weigh on your heart and soul. (Go back up and re-read the first paragraph)

This week we are going to practice letting Jesus be the King in every circumstance.

  1. STOP

  2. Identify whose voice is loudest

  3. Follow Jesus

“There is no one who’s more powerful

You’re the beginning and the end

our worlds will shake but you’re unshakable

No matter what comes

No matter what goes

You hold it all”