Who Tuned You Today?

Years ago, while I was on a tour with a band called Big Daddy Weave, I had the privilege of leading worship for a community of homeless people that met outside, under the cover of a bridge in Houston. The Sunday morning gathering was aptly named Church Under The Bridge.

The conditions were less than desirable. The temperature was in the low 40’s, it had just rained the day before, and the subarctic wind wasn’t helping. Ok give me a break, I’m a Southern California native :) We arrived just as the service was starting. I pulled out my guitar and walked up to the asphalt stage, plugged in my guitar, and the sound that came out was...well, it was the soundtrack in hell (at least from a guitar player's perspective). The weather and elements detuned my guitar so bad that it was almost irreparable.

At that moment, in front of 43 freezing men and women who’d been waiting patiently for me to get there and lead them, I had a powerful revelation. It hit my soul like a recently opened box of activated hand warmers. Ready? Ok here it is…

My guitar was built to be enjoyed by the player and by the listener. She was made to play beautiful music. But the only way that a guitar can find its daily purpose is when it has been tuned. There are in fact, many different tunings that can be used, but if it’s out of tune then it’s destiny isn’t fulfilled.

To take it a little further, if it’s supposed to play well with others, it must be tuned to the master key. The conductor first tunes his orchestra before anything beautiful can happen.

Please tell me that you are tracking with this analogy. Friends, musicians, music lovers, and instruments who were made to be enjoyed, played and used for good, who are you tuned to? Who has and is currently the source of your tuning?

This week we are going to practice tuning our hearts to Jesus. In the morning when you wake up, tune your heart. Tune and be re-tuned all day long until you go to sleep.


Find time today when you normally fill your silence with distractions to tune and be tuned. Take 2 minutes and be quiet with Jesus. There will be thoughts that rush into your mind. Don’t shut them out, but let them in and be curious with them. Work them through with Jesus. Then when another thought rushes in do the same thing until you can listen for the still small voice of God.


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