Whose Table Are You Eating From Today?

So last week, we referenced Jesus’ parable where the master invited the poor, needy, and broken to feast at His table (Luke 14). Our 10000Minutes practice was: Show up each day like the honor of your presence is requested! LIVE AT JESUS’ TABLE all day long!

Remember, at His table the food is: peace, love, acceptance, rest, hope, enough, wholeness, security, power, no condemnation/shame, wisdom, perspective, relationship, healing, humility (a right view of one’s self), freedom, and uncommonly sustained joy.

As I wrote “I BELONG” on my wrist everyday, this whole notion of belonging became more and more about my daily identity. Who Am I, and am I going to choose to live into my identity or not today (and either way Jesus Loves me!!!!)? I could either choose to dine at Jesus’ table or turn around and eat the scraps off of the floor around me or from the other table hosts screaming for my attention. I noticed that so much of this came down to what I crave more.

When I eat healthy, and I’m not talking about slurping tofu chunks down my gullet, but really eat creatively prepared meals that are clean, I feel great. The more I choose this way of life, the easier it gets to make better decisions, and the more the other stuff seems less appealing. I begin to crave what is best for me. And then when I am on tour and I end up eating what’s around me, fried stuff, I actually physically feel terrible afterwards. No shame here, by the way, it’s just my invitation to turn back around and eat from the right table.

The same is true with our relationship to Jesus’ table. Because of what Jesus has done, EVERYONE is welcome to His table! And once we’ve decided to dine with Him, we are seated at His table all day long. Our problem is not if we belong at His table or not, but where our attention is. Are we turned around eating from other tables? Are we sitting at Jesus’ table, but asleep or thinking about other tables and wishing we were there? What do you crave?

Whose table are you going to eat from this week? Eating healthy is not an overnight success story without intentionality, it’s about making a million small decisions all day long to practice health. This week we are going to make a million small decisions to practice LOVE not FEAR.


When you find yourself eating off the Screamer’s table, simply realign, rethink your thinking/focus, repent, turn around and LIVE INTO WHO YOU ARE in JESUS’ eyes.

Practice living and eating at Jesus’ table!

Find a way to remind yourself whose table you’re seated at this week...write it down somewhere, set a daily reminder, tell a friend about it, at every meal sing: HALLELUJAH, I BELONG HERE!

Text “10k” to “55678” if you want weekly text reminders to your phone. We’ll be sending out a few encouragements a week to help you practice Jesus all week long!